While managing the thousands of details and decisions needed in a day, do you feel you’ve lost your connection to the Spirit? Although it’s impossible to be separated from Spirit, as that is your true and authentic state of being, often you might perceive there is a huge distance between you and God. That is the moment you question your decisions or your resolve is shaken. You may suddenly feel unguided and alone. Worry or self-doubt enters your mind.

Remaining consciously aware of your connection to Spirit, or your Source, however you may define it in your own wisdom tradition, allows you to reverberate with joy. Re-establish your connection daily by simply expressing gratitude for being part of the bigger picture. The energy of gratitude, a true thankfulness for all experiences, is the fundamental building block to creating a life filled with goodness.

Here are three ways to express gratitude and reconnect with God’s presence:

Get centered and release emotional baggage from yesterday

Don’t wait for Sunday morning church or the full-blown yoga retreat. Before you get out of bed, center your awareness and go within. Feel the source of your spiritual power. Close your eyes and ask whether you have allowed anyone, or any circumstance, to take away your power to create the life you desire. Do old hurts keep manifesting in your relationships? Make a commitment to release those feelings and know you are empowered with divine love. Breathe deeply and visualize a fresh, new canvas you are going to paint your experiences and desires. Acknowledge all your past difficulties and be thankful for the lessons learned. Those experiences have made you stronger, wiser, and able to help others.

Recognize the “I AM” presence within

Design your own I AM statement. “I am a channel for creativity and divine intelligence” or “I am open to the abundance of knowledge that is present in me now” are powerful statements filled with energy. “I am an example of God’s beautiful design” cultivates self-love. Look in the mirror while getting dressed in the morning, and affirm the best in you. Then be thankful for what you are about to accomplish and experience that day. Thank in advance for what you are about to receive!

Go on a gratitude walk

Whether you have the luxury of walking on the beach, exercising the dog, or simply getting from the parking garage to the office, each step can be a silent prayer of thanks. Mentally note at least 10 things you feel a strong sense of gratitude about and make each step resonate with silent appreciation.

The Law of Attraction states that we manifest exactly what we invite into our lives, by having great clarity and a passion for an idea. When you are filled with a sense of gratitude, you are attracting more things in your life to be thankful for!

Finally, breathe in loving-kindness and exhale gratitude for all you are and what you currently have. Inhale everything on that shopping list of new ideas you’re planning to draw into your realm, whether it is a new job or more loving relationships. Once these energies are set into motion, not only does today take a positive shape, but tomorrow begins to effortlessly fall in place.

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