If you take a stroll through the self-help or religious section of any bookstore, you’ll notice a diverse spiritual dialogue taking place. Our concerns about life are shared because people from all wisdom traditions are asking the same questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I feel more connected?

Many, who no longer feel committed to the truths presented by a single religion, are examining ideas from science and metaphysics. With increasing cultural acceptance of the ways we connect with the Divine, people are looking at an interfaith perspective on spiritual practice, one that projects an inner truth collected from life’s experiences and a deep respect for loving humanity. This practical, everyday spirituality is becoming relevant for today’s world because it opens us to the possibility of Oneness and the simplicity and glory of communing with the higher energies of life.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is, most simply, the demonstration of the Divine, the life-giving force, the ALL that constitutes you through every action and thought. It is your realized nature in the form of the highest ideas you can imagine, like trust, courage, wisdom, forgiveness, non-judgment, compassion, pure light, and love, all of these conveyed through every pore of your skin. It is about living and vibrating from a heart-space of authenticity.

Spirituality is realizing that God lives within you. It’s expressing this God-Self in relationships at every opportunity. It’s about seeking the Kingdom inside of you and knowing yourself. When you do, you will find the inward journey very rich and rewarding because it has neither dogma nor expectation. If you allow your true self to emanate, unobstructed by circumstances, nothing can prevent you from being spiritual.

An Expression of Personal Truth

Our spiritual practice is an individual interpretation of how we revere and connect with the Divine Presence. There is no greater freedom than exploring and creating a personal truth that allows you to accept the Divine on your own terms. Although many people have previously walked on this planet and left distinctive legacies, yours will always have its own flavor. When you design a spiritual practice to commune with the higher vibrations of life, be who you truly are and humbly proclaim your respect and devotion. It does not matter if you are in the garden or in church.

The way you reconnect with the Presence may look very different from mainstream religion. God is a spiritual energy source. When we realize the truth—that it lives inside of us and that we are all empowered to be the creator of our own lives—we can meditate, pray, chant, walk, or sing to raise our awareness of God and the Self. As with any practice, make sure yours resonates deeply within your highest truth.

Let Joy Flow Through You

Dancing and singing can be part of a spiritual practice if it means acknowledging the Divine within. Not long ago, I was in Fiji for a meeting of Oneness Blessing Facilitators. Traditionally, this is an uninhibited group. Before every lecture or prayer session, the Dasas (monks or holy men) from India put on a few rock tunes or modern dance music and let the beat carry the group away while we focused on expressing joy through movement. Afterwards, we always felt refreshed and wide open to receive the wisdom through a teaching. Much later, it occurred to me that they were actually trying to teach us to let our light out more often and acknowledge the Presence within before engaging in any self-improvement exercise. It was a great exercise and reminded us how we must go through any experience before we truly make it part of our being.

For most of us, everyday simple acts are opportunities to demonstrate what already exists within—our true self, our song, the same eternal spirit that infiltrates the core of our being. Spirituality is measured by the amount of joy that is expressed in one’s life. How often do we give ourselves permission to dance and sing at work? In and with our families or our communities? Or expressing joy through the act of giving and not just from obligation, via high profile charities, or for tax-write-offs? If we really considered our first cause, our primary true power, which is the Divine in us, life would feel like a symphony. We would then become empowered with the joy of living a spiritual life.

Focus on Knowing Yourself

Remember, empowerment is about self power achieved through knowing the true self, not about converting an entire populace to your point of view, winning wars, or engaging in protest. Many world cultures have derailed entire societies by instituting a particular religion or spiritual practice for the masses, though that religion has no individual resonance or individual expression. Always remember to revisit your own music and rekindle a spiritual connection that is meaningful to you.

Awareness of the God-Self Within

Spirituality is also about going within and being receptive to the guidance of your inner voice. Substitute the poetic for analysis and listen to the beat of your own heart. Be aware of the Presence within you. With conscious awareness of the Presence, you’ll see it manifesting in everyday activities. This flow is abundant and infinite. With awareness of the interaction between the Divine and the self, you allow God to become part of you. The Divine is a living idea that lives inside of you.

This is the true nature or the true self, which is perfectly designed. To express the true self, embrace who you are, both human and Divine. Allow it to become part of your everyday activities. You do have a choice in how to become living art. You can bring the Presence through you in every aspect of your life, including your relationships and career, in difficult situations, even in creative work. This is how we express individuality and spirituality and paint a true-self portrait in the process. Over time, your spiritual practices will become more creative and have more meaning because they will honor your inner journey and the Creator. When self-awareness of spirit occurs, you have realized your True Self.

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