Margaret Thatcher once said that a woman’s mission is not to enhance the masculine spirit, but to express the feminine. “Hers is not to preserve a man-made world,” she said, “but to create a human world by the infusion of the feminine element into all of its activities.” This means practicing life from a balanced point of view by aligning with a uniquely feminine set of values, such as community building. We never wanted to create a man’s world (we forgot about cooperation in the corporate scurry of the eighties) but instead yearn to demonstrate our core beliefs through a full-blown rendition of our authentic selves. This is the Sacred Feminine principle, which is love and the primary teacher of relationship. All life is one form of relationship or another and women know we are cosmic connectors capable of making peace between nations as well as our darling offspring.

Revisiting our spiritual roots highlights our ability to uplift human consciousness by a single thought or touch that transmits the power of Grace, our primary connection resolving all inner conflicts. Because most women have a natural awareness of the well-being of entire systems, they can integrate unity consciousness into their work while deepening their relationship with the Divine Presence. Humans are rapidly opening up to this natural gift through deeksha, an energetic transmission that initiates the awakening of a person into a state of oneness, or unity with God. Since the Feminine is the embodiment of heart energy, and giving and receiving deeksha is an intuitive activity, women are on the threshold of empowering humanity by communion with the Divine and initiating this experience in others.

Deeksha, or what is becoming known as The Oneness Blessing,™ is the process of transferring divine grace bringing about a shift in human consciousness. It activates a neurobiological change in the brain that supports awakening, slows the senses down, and frees the sense from the constant chatter of the mind.  It dissolves our perception of separation and results in more clarity and feelings of love and joy. Now being transmitted from one person to another by both spiritual masters and initiates through touch, intention, or glance, it satisfies the natural longing for inclusion, receptivity, and relationship. The separate “me” is no longer in charge. It is a shift from ego to essence, changing an individual’s outlook and reality.

Women are on the verge of moving humanity forward because they are acutely aware of the energetic balance needed to evolve consciousness. Women are weary of approaching life purely from the Mind because they honor the internal process. Relying exclusively upon the head has been a source of depression, fatigue, and illness for the feminine spirit. Mind represents a somewhat masculine idea seated in structure, left brain logic, mechanistic and lineal problem-solving activities, control, planning, and science (often without morality and common sense). It’s exactly what we need to unplug from more often and surrender to the inclusion of the present moment, to the unfettered feminine rendition of life. Humanity is hungering to feel life moving through their being, which is a natural, inherent feminine perspective.

Years ago, I began my own awakening when I visited Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi to receive a similar blessing of grace. Sai Maa was heralded in many spiritual circles as one of the great masters of our time, reputed to be responsible for numerous healings. Her teachings are broad and flavored with an interfaith attitude of inclusion, scooping up congregants from many flocks. (She says the next new religion will be love.) Sai Maa’s deeksha and Samskara Shuddhi, the process of clearing negative emotional patterns from the body’s energetic fields, can transform anyone in her presence. After a friend convinced me to look her up on the Internet, I could feelher Shakti buzzing through my fingers on the keyboard into my body. I knew I needed to see her.

Lining up for a Hindu-style blessing is something the Western mind has trouble processing. Darshan is the spiritual energy blessing received by an individual while in the presence of a holy person; deeksha is the actual energy transfer. You don’t walk up to Sai Maa to receive deeksha. You line up behind hundreds, with an offering of flowers or photographs, and wait at least three hours while continuously chanting. The last hundred yards or so you crawl on your knees. The guru-master is one who is fully attuned to the Divine Presence and constantly radiates grace. As a teacher, a guru represents embodied Spirit and symbolizes devotion to God, one who has achieved mastery.

By the time I ascended to the podium on darshan day, I had chanted about a thousand Kyrie Eleisons - a Gregorian litany favorite of Roman Catholics. Literally, the Greek translation is “Lord have mercy; Christ have mercy; Lord have mercy.” This, in addition to “Sh’ma Yisrael Adonai eloheinu Adonai ekhad” (“Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One”) and dozens of Sanskrit chants, did not prepare me for the outpouring of love when I first laid my head in the lap of Her Holiness. Her energy showered me like a harmonic rain, triggering an emotional downpour. It felt like coming home.

When love moves in, it recognizes what little you already have, and plugs the holes in your heart-sieve so you are no longer wasting but dispensing it to fortify yourself against darkness. Past emotional attire evaporates - like fear, self-doubt, and worry- leaving you naked in the truth of who you are. I could not stop crying after returning to my chair. My friend Sandy leaned over and wrapped her arms around me. “When we are in the presence of complete and unconditional love,” she whispered, “it is overwhelming.”It’s true. Being in God’s presence, whether it is the guru’s rendition of Divine love or by holding a baby, begins to fully open us to the magnificence of a unified universe. We are suddenly astounded by the ultimate relationship of simplicity and power; our empathy and willingness to serve is amplified. When invited, pure love washes you squeaky clean. When I got up the next morning, I still felt Maa rocking me in a comforting, rhythmic embrace. I was superbly washed, dried, and folded. She did this for five hundred people that day, all of them invited to open up to their potential. Our only choice was to kindly ask all pain to move over and leave. There was no room left, except for love.

I realized women are here to demonstrate love in action and sing a natural song of co-creation from this energy vortex that resides in the middle of our chests. Deeksha begins to move us from living in the “what should be” to the “what is.” In a moment, the sum total of everything negative we have ever believed about ourselves is scrubbed. Suddenly we’re safe in All There Is. We never really left because our Source is perfect and so are we.

While Sai Maa held my face in her hands, she said that she had finally found me and told me I was a beautiful soul. “You will manifest great works,” she said. I thanked her and knelt, lowering my forehead to the ground in front of her feet. The gesture means our heart center should always remain higher than our head. When we recognize the Divine in the guru, humbled by love around us, in us, as us, or in anyone else for that matter, we see it in ourselves. Remembering our oneness is how we become God.

In the following years I received deeksha from many spiritual masters and initiates, it was always the same: only peace and clarity remained, and an attunement to reality. When we allow grace to enter us, it chases away feelings of loneliness, despair, dryness, insecurity, and discouragement. Grace feels like the Mother, the feminine presence. It’s the comfort we miss. To surrender to it without resistance is the end of personal suffering.

Since then, I have often thought about the passage “The works that I do shall you do also; and greater works than these you shall do,” which sounded like what Maa said to me that day. If there is anything that will awaken you to your own potential it is these words because everyone, master or student, must turn inside out at some point and have a closer look at how to better approach life, purging negative patterns or past emotional baggage. Awareness flowers in the “what is” and not “what should be.” And truth in the form of an energetic touch can ignite compassion from our deepest well where purity represents the holy unity of all things: one consciousness birthed in matter and light synthesized where feminine wisdom exists.

I’ve carried Sai Maa’s love around for nearly four years now, anchoring the divine qualities within, cementing them into my very being. To be a healing presence for humanity means consciously touching the world with empowering wisdom. This rebirth of the light within each one of us will build a foundation for a new reality that embodies the heart of God. Grace passed on as a simple blessing can inspire us to be conduits for the human experience, as long as we are open to its magnificence.

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