Although we encounter great joys and peak experiences in our lives, sometimes we must make sense of painful circumstances—a child who with AIDS, divorce, cancer, even financial ruin. Isn't it true that deep suffering always gets our attention? To navigate through most kinds of pain, we can engage the mind as a tool to create goodness. With a bit of practice and the use of the Law of Attraction, we can manifest positive circumstances and see everyday results. But for true healing to take place, and for change to stick, we must invite Grace to operate through us.

For most of us, Grace is a wonderful concept, but not a real experience. Whatever level of healing we seek, whether it is abundance or happiness, Grace is the key to our heart’s deepest longing. As Philip Yancy said, “Grace is free of charge, no strings attached, and on the house.”

No matter what our belief system or philosophy may be, Grace is the holy presence flowing through us. When we "fall from Grace," we aren't "sinners." We've just forgotten our connection with the Divine Presence. Coming back into Grace doesn't mean choosing the right religion or performing an amazing feat to impress our neighbors or parents. Reconnecting with Grace means realizing the truth of who we are as beautiful beings of Light. Every time we invite Grace into our lives, we remember our connection. Grace is readily available. It's not limited to one wisdom tradition.

Lately, there has been a great deal of emphasis on the transfer of Grace between people so that humanity’s collective consciousness can be uplifted. This gift of magnitude, in the form of Deeksha, is being shared by thousands of people across the globe. It is moving humanity toward a state of unity. When the sense of you or me as separate entities dissolves, a simple realization remains: we are all One. Experiencing oneness gives you the sense that your inner essence, or authentic self, is unclouded by the conceptual mind. This means there is no judgment of others, no fear of the past or future. A person experiences and expresses forgiveness and inner peace.

The Dasas from the Oneness Movement in India and Fiji, say that all suffering is based in desiring what should be rather than accepting what is. Think about it. To relieve suffering, we must first reconcile old thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve us well. Overall, we need to release our high expectations of others. We need to focus on the messages we broadcast to our local and global communities through our actions and our words. When we resonate with joyful thoughts and prayers, we naturally draw positive and loving circumstances into our consciousness. This is how we practice being co-creators with the Divine. My friend James Twyman says that if you want peace, then you have to be the idea of peace. Hold peace in your consciousness. Inhale it. Live it. This is the beginning of world change.

Suffering is living in a disconnected state. Unforgiveness, fear, resentment, lack of self-love, and guilt are symptoms of disconnection. Having a relationship with the Divine is knowing you are always supported. Relax into that security and know that all will fall into place when you realize that Grace is your primary connection. Why try to move a mountain all by yourself?

Be Receptive to Divine Will

How do we invite Grace into our lives and move into Oneness? We must surrender to Divine will. But this doesn't mean rolling over and letting others take charge of what we think and do. It means being receptive to what the Divine is showing us Paying attention to people and situations. Noticing the details. Our universe is intelligently ordered. God always speaks to us in symbolic language. Experiencing unity is an invitation to God to operate through us.

Many spiritual teachers agree today that there is a curriculum of Grace on the planet. Deeksha or giving a blessing is the presence of Grace delivered through human hands to another individual. It helps the brain attune to the energetic field of unity and facilitates an end to the illusion of separation. Deeksha-givers coax the primary activity of the brain in the frontal lobe to be more energetic. When we operate from the frontal instead of the parietal lobes (the lower brain centers), we feel blissful and connected to all beings. Receiving Deeksha is allowing people everywhere to awaken to their own healing. It is one way of connecting to the Divine.

The first time I received Deeksha from a spiritual master, it helped me end a state of deep emotional suffering. The pain rushed out of my heart like water being wrung from a wet towel. The next day, I had the sensation of being gently rocked. With the activation of the Kundalini energy in my spine, I could sense a connection with Source energy. Later, I noticed more peace and calm in my life. I was living more lightly and with greater clarity. As my perceptions about people changed, I improved my relationships with friends and with nature. As I opened up to Grace, more creativity flowed through my work.

I've learned that resisting the natural flow of Grace is like driving a car with your foot on the brake all the time. Move your foot to the divine accelerator. Open your heart today and invite divine energy in, in any way that makes sense to you. Take a minute to be still and ask Grace to enter your experience. This invitation to healing will begin to resolve your inner conflicts and help you seek forgiveness on a variety of levels. And all you need to do is ask. Being open to Grace is one the best things you can do for yourself.

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