Oneness Values for Global Transformation

Practicing Oneness Values Leads to an Awakened Life
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Universal values such as peace, compassion, love, joy, and deep respect for the inter-connected aspect of life are fundamental ideas that inspire us to move further into the unifying consciousness of all humans. If we are to retain our diversity, yet still be a living expression of Oneness, we need a shared commitment to practicing values that respond to our individuality yet make sense for collective humanity.

Discovering what is truly important and possible is helped by a vision that rekindles the spirit and dissolves dogmatic and cultural structure between men and women.  It is possible to live with wonder, and an awareness of Oneness, by consciously practicing values that help us embody the truth of who we are, no matter our gender. These values need to affirm the sanctity of our experiences and recognize the worth and value of all people and things.  The challenge is reaching a balance between masculine and feminine energy, learning to demonstrate the best of both daily.

In the past, we’ve tried to over-intellectualize just about everything, from business to relationships. Our minds have run amok with beliefs and concepts that do little but perpetuate more chatter and remove us from intuition and experience. For everyone to really prosper, we must simply remember that we are Divine in every cell of our being. Let’s honor that in every way possible.

These Oneness Values show us that unity consciousness will be best served by balancing self-interest with a world-view that serves the greater good. I believe it is possible to transform humanity with efforts reflecting our ultimate trust in human potential. Let’s create a universal dialogue with compassion, creativity, and cooperation!