TWBOE 20150508 1150The Women's Book of Empowerment:
323 Affirmations That Change Everyday Problems into Moments of Potential

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Free Look Inside  |  Book Introduction

Because we have an opportunity to choose our attitude and focus our intentions in the present moment, the world and our own personal lives are a reflection of our thoughts. It is our 360 degree review on how we think. Put simply, our job is to fully participate in life but be consciously aware of what we want to create. Then look at the results and make adjustments.

The evidence of these truths rest in our ability to create a life we desire. Harnessing this skill takes a great deal of focus. It's not easy to be a co-creator with God in a world filled with noise and negativity. Judging from the media's appetite for disaster and worst case scenarios, our culture does not reward present moment awareness or positive thinking. We're always drudging up the past or preparing for catastrophe.

Now, more than ever, we are being nudged by the universe to arrive at the following realization: life is so very much more than what we see. Science, medicine, and mystics have followed suit, finally joining forces to confirm what we suspected – that when the brain-body-heart composite is fully operational, using our capabilities to the largest degree possible, we can manifest our reality. Our power lies within us to make positive change. It is this birthright, our God-self put into motion that gives us an option to illuminate others by creative design. And, in turn, by claiming responsibility for what we create, we are allowed to grow and self-develop.

Life, seen from this perspective, is a giant learning laboratory where constant feedback is provided from our personal expression, testing and expanding our limits, evaluating what works and what doesn't. So, at the day's end, we're all scientists - data-gatherers and mini-creators interacting within this rich environment, a continuum of ideas from the past in hand, understanding more about what we can do today and tomorrow for our own self-development. It's an amazing learning opportunity. The complexity and genius of this program, all for our benefit, is enough to validate our importance. We are significant, each and every one of us, because we are all helping to evolve our souls, and the collective group consciousness.

There's something to be said for the journey of becoming a conscious observer, or pursuing a state of awareness about how you think. Because this existence has undulating characteristics, some divinely inspired and a number of the more conventional, human brand, we don't learn anything by getting our minds in the right place the first time. Often, it's trial and error in arranging a combination of emotions and thoughts around a set of ideas that create a reality. And to arrive with imagination, you need to be focused and love what you believe in. Clarity and interest, as Emmet Fox used to say, is how we set a mental equivalent that attracts what we desire. You must know what you want and have a passion for it.

Negative thoughts, or old patterns of thinking, prevent us from offering the world our special talents and doing the work we love, which can be anything from managing a home or a family to running a Fortune 500 company. Having the discipline to choose our thoughts is also a challenge, especially when old baggage gets in the way. Our day unfolds with surprises, both good and bad, but on a good day, we are able to embrace life at all levels of experience and move forward with a sense of accomplishment. On the bad days, we must deeply believe the very core of our spirit is waiting to be put to good use, then go to bed, get up, and just try something different.

Changing our perception of worldly experiences is the only way we separate the concept of failure from our vocabulary, and instead substitute a language of success and learning. You are brave for being on this planet during such difficult times, and you chose to be here to test your own capabilities to manifest change in the most arduous circumstances. There is no failure, only a greater opportunity to put your God-self to work. That includes taking change of your destiny and stop brow beating from past experiences that no longer have any bearing upon what you can accomplish today.

Since I wrote Let Your Goddess Grow: 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking I have helped a great many people change their minds to create more harmony and abundance. Many people told me they've trained themselves to process life very differently- some even admit negative thinking is just a bad habit. Others unconsciously assumed ownership of old hurts leftover from parents, institutions, guilt and unforgiveness, unaware of old mental programming. When you start taking inventory, it's amazing how often we keep wounds open with situations that no longer matter.

How can we alter courses to reset our thinking to the self-empowerment dial? To feel productive and balanced, we can develop conscious awareness of those thought patterns that prevent us from expressing our gifts. With a little self-discipline, we can begin to reveal our divine selves, letting our light blast forth with no inhibitions or hidden agenda, other than the simple fact that our purpose is to evolve our souls with as much zest as possible. When that happens, life suddenly moves from struggle to joy.

We must also identify with the source of our power, which is the Divine, attaching our self-image to our emotions which hopefully includes a great deal of love. It's how we get things done the right way. It is our true self discovery, our spirit-power awaiting recognition. When we honor the Divine within us, we no longer await for life to begin. We jump start it all on our own. And women, as a unique subset of the population of soul seekers, need to realize the Divine seeks expression through us. Women have the same spirit-power as a man, and should be marvelously unrestrained in letting it loose. When it comes to working in this Department of Divine Power, the glorious, beloved female is eminently qualified.

By participating in life this way, both men and women are channels of the spiritual source. Once we resonate with that idea, our short time on earth will be spent cultivating circumstances that reflect who we are, both in and out of organizations and families. We'll resonate with values that make sense, and attract goodness. It'll move us toward a more meaningful existence.

How to use The Book of Empowerment

A positive, affirmative statement is a declaration to the universe that you choose to take the upper hand and never accept anything less that what you deserve. Affirmations are always made in the present tense, and train the mind to stay in the present moment. They help you arrest the impulse to self-doubt and give you more energy to focus your attention on a life filled with prosperity, love, good health, and happiness.

When you release a negative thought, the goal is to make peace with your situation instead of rehashing the bad stuff. Permanently. In this way, you will increase your vibration of love, which is the highest reverberation possible, while making room for good. At that moment, you have accepted the greatest and most complete vision of who you are – an empowered and marvelous spark of the Divine.

The affirmations in this book are arranged by categories of everyday problems. These are challenges women frequently encounter, and accumulate huge résumés of negativity and stress. When you feel the impulse to slide into self-doubt, take charge! Retrain your mind to reprogram your response to that stress. Look up your category and find the affirmation that applies. Read it, repeat it, and take a moment to affirm what good you can find in that experience or in another person. If you use these affirmations in conjunction with the spiritual lessons found in Let Your Goddess Grow, you will be able to end your day on a high note, inviting room for more imagination and success. Soon, you'll be writing your own affirmations as you consciously create your day. Pass your own personal affirmations on to your friends and children and become an ambassador of light. You'll soon develop a practical philosophy to live by.

Carry this book into your next staff meeting, keep it on your desk at the office, or even in the kitchen – wherever your efforts are spent in changing the world. No matter where we spend time, we can thwart negativity, and instead discover wonderful and unique opportunities for personal growth. If a barrage of negative thoughts enters your mind, make a commitment to arresting them! Remember, positive change in your life always begins with you.

If you find yourself on the downward spiral of self-doubt and discouragement, and not sure where to find it, refer to the table of contents. I have attempted to list as many affirmations as possible in a number of different ways and keep the book small enough to fit into your purse or briefcase. Some of my ideas will give you a chuckle and, at the same time, resonate deeply with you. Remember, whatever you've been through, I can honestly say, I've been there too. By baring my soul, I hope I can help you catch those thoughts early enough, and help you transform everyday problems into moments of potential.

I hope The Women's Book of Empowerment will become a friend helping you create positive change. Remember, wisdom resides in the challenges you experience, whether it is grief, loss, loneliness, losing your job, or difficult relationships. They are meant to mirror what you need to learn and overcome in order to realize your own power to renovate your environment into one filled with love. Our evolution as human beings depends upon it. You are a beautiful soul, no longer awaiting your own transformation when you choose to take charge of your thinking.

Goddess Blessings,

Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D.