Empower Women Now!

We want to widen your perspective as far as possible and would like you to birth the conscious, feminine, co-creator in you, no matter your socio-economic status or where you live. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Empower Women Now’s mission is to empower individuals who have the potential, but not the educational tools or skills, to achieve self-sufficiency. There are many women in blighted urban areas, remote villages around the globe, and even suburbia needing help with firmly establishing a new mental equivalent for success.  We want to help create and offer educational content that improves a woman’s positive mindset, and help them overcome negative self-images to make better choices in her present conditions. Our vision is to simply teach women to see their own potential so that they may manifest their hopes and dreams into reality.

Our goals include:

Provide encouragement: We are organizing a nation-wide effort to send empowerment cards to women living in a homeless shelter or in transitional housing. These women are working to become economically independent and self-sufficient. Your support, prayers, positive thoughts, and blessings help them choose a positive and productive life-path and know that they are loved.

Provide education on affirmative thinking: Free Positive Pod Classes and e-show modules will be available to anyone who needs help learning to release old mental programs that no longer serve a constructive purpose in order to focus on today’s opportunities.  This basic skill helps many who have experienced domestic violence scenarios, abusive relationships or are uneducated or unemployed due to self-defeating belief systems. With e-learning programs accessible through our website, women will have additional skills to help them move forward with dignity and confidence.

Promote woman-affirming events: Distribute information on local, regional, national and global woman-affirming events that provide a forum for discussion on issues that are important to a woman’s success.

Foster positive female imagery: We encourage women and girls to feel unique and beloved as a gift to the world.  When women consistently resonate with values that are positive, they are better able to create circumstances that reflect who they are. Consequently, they create a more meaningful existence.

All women are worthy and capable. It is our vision for a better world. We plan to encourage women from all walks of life to reverberate with ideas of personal responsibility, empowerment, cooperation, inclusivity, love, and compassion.  When women illustrate these ideas through their work and personal life, they become leaders in their families and society, thus advancing world culture toward peace and prosperity. If you would like more information on how to be involved, please contact Charlene at (866) 888-4633 or (248) 322-1400 contact us through our contact page. If you would like an update on our progress, please join our general mailing list on the homepage.

Rev. Dr. Charlene M. Proctor
Toll Free: 866-888-4633
Office: 248-322-1400
Fax: 248-322-1700